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Kimrea & Dreamdogs are a versatile combination of cover band and original band, with tight musicianship, plus supurb four part vocal harmonies. They perform from an extensive catalog of universally appealing original songs blended with an infinate selection of timeless popular music from jazz to country, folk to blues, to pop and rock.

Delighting audiences of all ages with everything from 50's "Doo Wop", to contemporary favorites, these four old school players will bring you back to some of your fondest musical memories and create new memories with their fresh original songs that are destined to become classics.

First your toes start tapping, then you're up on your feet, swaying & dancing. Next thing you know, you're singing along and those catchy Dreamdog songs are following you home.

The Dreamdogs, with Joe Lococo on lead guitar and fiddle, Russ Whitehead on bass and Joost Vonk on drums, formed around songwriter Kimrea five years ago at the No Name Bar in Sausalito California, where she has performed every Monday night for the last 6 years. They play regularly in various venues all over the Bay Area, and beyond. Dreamdogs are available for weddings & partys.

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Born in Michigan, the gifted singer, Kimrea has been composing songs, playing guitar, performing, and growing her musical talents for over 30 years. She writes and sings with a soulful, compassion of spirit that reaches young and old alike. Drawing from a vast variety of covers as well as from her own extensive catalog of original songs, Kimrea performs a strong show that has the power to delight and entertain a broad audience. .


A seasoned pro, Joe Lococo, is a highly respected, sought after Bay Area sideman and bandleader. He currently plays in a number of bands, including (for over 15 years) with world reknowned, Jazz Saxaphonist, Jules Broussard. Joe Lococo is the leader of the popular San Francisco Funk Band, Rhythm City, and has performed for years at San Francisco's oldest Bar, The Saloon, as lead guitarist with thier house Blues Band, Lucky Strike. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Joe Lococo has been a full time professional musician all his life, and has the chops to show it. From Country to Rock to Blues, he is one of the most knowledgeable players around.


Drummer, Joost Vonk & bassist, Russ Whitehead, founding members of the popular 70's band Cruisin', have shared more than 30 years of professional experience playing together as the foundation of many successful bands. They toured with Crusin' extensively and lived "that life" with enthusiasim. The stories they tell!

Russ Whitehead, born in Oakland, California, is the band's harmony expert. With a great ear, & perfect pitch, Russ is an "in the pocket" bass player, coveted by many bands.

Drummer Joost Vonk a classic rock drummer, is originally from Holland. He is also an excellent vocalist like his father who was a well known Opera Singer in Holland. Mr. Vonk's solid rhythm helps to shape the great sound of Kimrea & "Dreamdogs".

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