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Sweetwater Benefit, August 14, 2002
Kimrea & Dreamdogs with Special Guests
Norton Buffalo, Dallis Craft, Lisa Kindred, Austin DeLone,
Ian Dogole, Charlie Deal & Carl Ludewig
Norton Buffalo sitting in with the DreamdogsDallis Craft jammin on keyboardsA rare stage appearance, Charlie Deal with his toilet seat guitar
Blues singer, Lisa Kindred and Rockin Austin DeLoneJack Pendergrast of the James Moseley Band sitting inMaster World Percussionist, Ian Dogole
Banana Man, Mule Skinner, Russ Whitehead on bassDreampuppy, Joost Vonk on drumsMusician's Musician, Joe Lococo
Dallis and Susan JohnsonFellow Sausalito Street Performer, Richard Aspen, The MimeCarl Ludewig, (right center, back) Our trumpeter for the evening
The No Name, Sausalito
The Mountain Home Inn
Steve Malerbi, Joe Lococo and Kimrea
CD Release Party, April 25, 2001
Backed by Bobby Tynes, Steve Evans, Jim Sage, Ric Wilson, Tony Macaroni, and Ian Dogole

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