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"This song was written on a Christmas day in 1977. I was a street musician in Vancouver, Canada. A group of us, all homeless street performers, had pooled our meager tips and taken a room in a derilect hotel. The manager of the hotel prepared a dinner for all the residents, and everyone came out into the hallways to eat and hang together. I wrote this song jamming in that hallway."

  Wretched Hotel
©2000 kimrea

The wretched hotel room ball
Don't read the writing on the wall.
We got winos and rejects
Hobo's and derilects
Pimps and thier whores
Junkies and bores.
Birds of a feather all here together
At the wretched hotel room ball
Having a party come one and all.

Now moma, don't you cry
I know, I was the apple of your eye
when I went astray
You turned me away
But I'm doing swell
In this wretched hotel.

The wretched hotel room ball
Having a party, come one and all

Here is a life that most never see
Who knows the tie of the lost and the lonely
Out on the street
Home of the deadbeat
Most call it a dive
But it keeps me alive.

The wretched hotel room ball
Having a party, come one and all

People walk by, look but don't see me
It's something else that they see
They shun me
Like a disease
So here I dwell
In this wretched hotel.